Tuco’s Story

Tuco De La Vega

Age: 32
Occupation: El Bandito
Skills: Sword fighting & combat, Home brewing, Mexican cuisine, Carpentry


Early Days

Tuco was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in the early 1800’s to an Texan father and Mexican mother who met in El Paso Norte where they both had travelled to find work. Tuco was the eldest of seven boys, and was born into humble beginnings where his parents struggled to find work. His Papa, Miguel, was a carpenter by trade and got by on any work he could find. His Mama, Maria, worked in restaurant kitchens from time to time. When possible she would take home leftovers to help feed seven hungry sons. It became apparent early on that Tuco would need to step up and help fend for his younger siblings…


Tuco's family


Conflict in Mexico

After Mexico won its independence from Spain they later faced a war against the U.S. over the state of Texas, Tucos’ Fathers’ homeland. With a Mexican mother and Texan Father, the De La Vega familia were caught between both sides of the conflict and lived a life as fugitives. They were constantly on the move to avoid getting caught and murdered for treason. They regularly ran into conflicts with both sides who questioned their allegiances.


Becoming a Man

Tuco would learn to fend for Himself and his younger siblings from his father, who was a gifted swordsman and carpenter. Every evening, after his studies were finished, Tuco would spend hours long after sunset honing his skills to ensure he would always be able to provide safety and shelter to his younger siblings. His mother would teach him how to make a meal from scraps; from rice, beans, leftover meat, tortillas to anything else she could find. Together they developed a signature dish, which would later become known as a ‘burrito’. She instilled a hunter gatherer instinct in Tuco to ensure he and his siblings would never go hungry.


Disaster Strikes

During the war, pockets of rogue soldiers on both sides would fight along the border. On one unfortunate trip to El Paso Norte Tucos parents were captured, and ultimately murdered for what was deemed treason.


Tucos Revenge

Grieving his parents at the tender age of 21, Tuco pledged to fulfill his parents wishes to protect and provide for his younger siblings. But Tuco didn’t stop there. He vowed to also protect and provide for the poorest and the most vulnerable in society. Armed with a reputation as a gifted swordman and resourceful food gatherer, Tuco made it his vocation to protect and feed the vulnerable, while anarchy ensued around them.

Tuco has arrived

Welcome to casa Tuco.




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